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Complete reference to select materials.
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Material Page 04 Aluminized <> FR Cotton <> Glass Cloth <> Leather <> PBI <> KEVLAR® <> VINEX®FR-9B®
Material Page 05 Cotton Duck <> WESTEX Indura® & WESTEX UltraSoft® <> Linings <> NOMEX®IIIA <> Nylon <> PROTERA <> TENCATE OASIS <> Vinyl <> Wool
Material Page 10 High Heat Covers | Gloves | Mitts - Temperature Guide
Size Charts
Basic charts to view size specifications on products.
Size Charts Arm Guards (KEVLAR & Nylon 820 style)
Size Charts Page 32 Men's Secondary Workwear - Coveralls (16700 & 9300 & 9400 style)
Bib Overalls & Overalls / Over Pants / Cape Sleeves / Coats / Jackets
Size Charts Page 33 Men's Secondary Workwear - Coveralls (9800 style) / Pants, Shirts
Measurement Guides
"How To" guides to take measurements. A handy tool to understand the measuring process
Bib Overalls How to Measure Bib Overalls
Cape Sleeves How to Measure Cape Sleeves
Coats How to Measure Coats
Coveralls How to Measure Coveralls
Jackets How to Measure Jackets
Overalls How to Measure Overalls
Overpants How to Measure Overpants
Pants How to Measure Pants
Shirts How to Measure Shirts
Measurement Guides Guide to a Proper Fitting Garment